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SouthernMedia is less than two weeks away. Under the cut is the panel and other activity schedule.

Panel Host Day Time Room
New Shows Michele Fri 1600 HTC 1
Religion and TV Characters Deb Fri 1600 HTC 2
Welcome Party SH Fri 1800 HTC 4
Dinner SH Fri 1900 HTC 3
Song Vids Rick Fri 2000 HTC 2
Pimp Your Show Rick Fri 2200 HTC 2
Midnight Open Vid Show SH Sat 0000 HTC 2

British Shows - Old and New Ann Sat 1000 HTC 1
Anime Watching Deb Sat 1000 HTC 2
Procedural Shows Penny Sat 1100 HTC 1
Glee Rick Sat 1100 HTC 2
Do You Remember? Kat Sat 1200 HTC 1
Movies 2011 Shana Sat 1200 HTC 2
Hawaii 5-0 Deejay Sat 1300 HTC 1
Do You Need Research? Deb Sat 1300 HTC 2
Doctor Who Teri Sat 1400 HTC 1
Unscripted Shows Michele Sat 1400 HTC 2
Cool Geeks Ann Sat 1500 HTC 1
Sex and Kink in Fanfic Rick Sat 1500 HTC 2
Sherlock Amber Sat 1600 HTC 1
True Blood / Novels Nelz Sat 1600 HTC 2
Starship Smackdown Deb Sat 1700 HTC 2
Dinner SH Sat 1830 ??
Song Vids Michele Sat 2000 HTC 2
Vogon Prose SH Sat 2130 HTC 2
Midnight Open Vid Show SH Sat 2300 HTC 2

What are You Reading? LC Sun 1000 HTC 1
White Collar Nelz Sun 1000 HTC 2
Super Heroes - Why Now? Ane Sun 1100 HTC 1
Great Cable Shows Amber Sun 1100 HTC 2
Guilty Pleasures Deejay Sun 1200 HTC 2
Making Vampires Sexy Amber Sun 1200 HTC 1
USA Shows Nelz Sun 1300 HTC 1
OTP or Whatever Works? Rick Sun 1300 HTC 2
Supernatural Elessar Sun 1400 HTC 1
SyFy Movies Penny Sun 1400 HTC 2
Good Ends, Bad Ends Elessar Sun 1500 HTC 1
Everyone's a Geek Ann Sun 1500 HTC 2

Sunday eve. Dinner 6pm-ish
Dead Dog after dinner

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