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SoMeCon is in one week. This is the current schedule for the weekend. There may be last minute changes.

The panel schedule will be available for Guidebook. Download the app from your appropriate app downloading place and search for the guide for Southern Media Convention.

New Shows Michele Fri 1600 HTC 2
Worst Season E Fri 1700 HTC 2
Pizza Party SH Fri 1800 HTC 1
Dessert and Games SH Fri 1900 HTC 4
Song Vids Amy Fri 2000 HTC 2

The Next Invasion - Brit Actors in US Teri, Mike Sat 1000 HTC 1
Season Finales 2013 Amber Sat 1000 HTC 2
Sherlock Vic Sat 1100 HTC 1
What Are You Reading Now Jordan Sat 1100 HTC 2
And Now For Something Completely Ann Sat 1200 HTC 1
Cable Shows Boldly Going Nelz Sat 1200 HTC 2
Supernatural Sat - BBC Style Mike, Richard Sat 1300 HTC 1
CW - More SF than SyFy Archer Sat 1300 HTC 2
Cheese Party Deb Sat 1300 HTC 4
Books to Movies Jordan Sat 1400 HTC 1
Beyond Sherlock - Crime and Drama Kat Sat 1400 HTC 2
Filk Folk Singalong Perry Sat 1400 HTC 3
Doctor Who Teri, Mike Sat 1500 HTC 1
Future of Electronic Entertainment Rick Sat 1500 HTC 2
Steampunk Fashion Amber Sat 1600 HTC 1
Scanvenger Hunt Kat Sat 1600 HTC 2
Parlor Games with Tea Amber Sat 1700 HTC 1
Unforgettable Episodes Michele Sat 1700 HTC 2
Costume Contest and Talent Show Amber Sat 1800 HTC 1
Dinner SH Sat 1830 TBA
Song Vids Shana & Michele Sat 1930 HTC 2
Vogon Prose SH Sat 2100 HTC 2

Breakfast Tangerine Room Sun 0900 Tan Rm
Social Media for Fans Michele Sun 1000 HTC 1
Star Trek Melody Sun 1000 HTC 2
Superheroes Ane Sun 1100 HTC 1
Hidden Gems Rick Sun 1100 HTC 2
Costume Dramas Archer Sun 1200 HTC 1
Future of Fanfic Vel Sun 1200 HTC 2
Creatures and Monsters we Love E Sun 1300 HTC 1
Game of Thrones Archer Sun 1300 HTC 2
Intro to Anime Nelz, Deb Sun 1400 HTC 1
Supernatural Rick Sun 1400 HTC 2
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